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Tennessee Promise Appeals and Exception Process

In order to qualify for an appeal, students must have completed and submitted proof of community service hours, TN Promise Application, Motlow Admissions Application, and FAFSA by the required Tennessee Promise deadlines.

Reasons for a TN Promise Appeal

  • Illness of the student
  • Illness or death of an immediate family member
  • Extreme financial hardship of the student or student's immediate family
  • To fulfill a religious commitment expected of all students of that faith
  • Any other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control where continued attendance by the student creates a substantial hardship.
  • Acceptable reasons shall also include a student's participation in an internship or co-op program that is required or encouraged as part the academic program in which he or she is enrolled.

Tennessee Promise Appeal Process

Current Motlow Students

For students who are currently registered at Motlow, please complete the following form:

Motlow appeal form